Hard work and medical ethics are the foundation for the future.

Eternity.Health is home to pioneers and thought leaders. Our ventures leverage the strengths of science, medicine, and entrepreneurship to shape the future of health.

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Ecosystem for next-generation healthcare

Flying Health works at the forefront of tomorrow’s healthcare. It offers industry leaders and entrepreneurs a strong network, comprehensive industry expertise, and individual consulting on new business models and successful market access strategies.

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The Digital Drug™ Company

Ababax Health is a Digital Drug engine developing meaningful digital therapies by editing pathological brain circuits through non-invasive sensory stimulation. 

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The world’s first digital myopia treatment

Dopavision is developing a digital therapeutic for myopia progression in children which can be seamlessly and invisibly integrated with the use of a smartphone. The technology delivers light stimulation to specific photosensitive cells to regulate eye growth.


Software-as-a-Drug™ to fight depression

Neuraltrain develops a new type of digital intervention for depression. Using the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology, and computer science, the startup aims to treat the dysfunctional circuits in the brain that maintain the depressed state to help patients recover their positive mood.

Driving healthcare's transformation
to net-zero

Green.Health strives to improve human health by curing the state of our planet. Its mission is to drive the sustainability transformation in healthcare and enable the healthcare sector to reach the European Green Deal targets.


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Venture Capital for technology that redefines healthcare

Heal Capital is a leading European venture capital fund with a volume of 100 million euros. The fund invests in mission-driven founders with capital, Healthtech-specific expertise, and accelerates market access to the healthcare system at series A stage. Heal Capital is backed by leading private healthcare insurers as LPs.